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Petalo Ponies: Free Design Raffle :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 17 21 Petalo Ponies Species Sheet :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 27 14 :PP: Symphony :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 25 5 (DashxQuibble) Blink Rough Concept :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 12 0 [OPEN] Enjoying The Sunrise YPH :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 12 7 {R} Do Not Disturb :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 62 4 {MLP - NextGen.} Mi Amore Blitz :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 32 2 {MLP - NextGen.} Lunaria Loon :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 104 16 Assorted Lady Pony Adopts {OPEN} :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 31 11 {MLP - NextGen.} Aura Drop :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 76 8 Tides New Coat :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 41 8 [Ship Request] How Could You Love Me? :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 116 17 [MLP-Next Gen.] Radiant Rose :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 40 6 Glitzed :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 51 0 Yes I can! :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 64 9 Terror Strike :iconsilver-poni:Silver-Poni 24 0



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I will do my best to thank you all individually even if it's only 1 point, but if I don't get to you: Thank you very much! <3

If you'd prefer to get compensated with art for your points scroll down a little more I have commissions available for purchase!

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Petalo Ponies: Free Design Raffle

Majority of the info I had planned went up in the group yesterday, and I have also updated the design guide description, so check both of those out if you have any questions!
Anywhoo welcome to the first raffle for my shiny babs Petalos!

> One comment per person, per design (you may only enter for one)
> Your account must be at least 5 months old/Or be proven active (no blank accounts)
> You may not use side accounts for multiple entries 
> Please only enter if you think you'll be able to use the character at least from time to time!

Once Won You Can:

> Change the name
> Change the gender
> Trade/gift (please notify me if you do!)
> Alter design 
How to Get Entries:

> Comment on the Design you want! (1 basic entry)
> Tag a friend(s) (up to +2 entries)
> Have a referred friend(s) enter the raffle (up to +2 entries)
> Advertise raffle with a poll, journal, status, or etc. (+1 entry)

At maximum a person could earn 6 entries! And each design needs a minimum of 10 basic entries in order for there to be a winner

Art/Designs/Petalos (C) me
Petalo Ponies Species Sheet

Orchid - Bullet [Left]  Gender & Bodytypes Orchid - Bullet [Right] 

This species has basic genders such as female and male, but depending on the individual and their needs for expression, there are many in-between or completely stand-alone genders.
Petalos are extremely docile and also accepting when it comes to expression, on-top of this there is no exact averages for basic male and female body-types,
but rather several types in-between feminine and Masculine traits


Lily - Bullet [Right] - F2U!   Scale Coverage Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! 

While most individuals scales cover atleast the back and shoulders, in rare cases their are some Petalos with only small patches of scales, while on the reverse
there are also rare cases of Petalos that are completely covered in scales. Coverage outside of the norm on either side is considered a blessing and the individual will likely be celebrated 
by their family for their elite appearance. 

Horn Types
Sea Bullet Cresent Ghost Bullet Forked Dahlia Bullet Deer

Fire Bullet Buds Fields Bullet Bull

Citrus Bullet Unicorn Sweet Bullet Wings
Tail Types
Sea Bullet Kirin

Fire Bullet Lion

Sweet Bullet Fox 

For more information on how Petalo's live and their origins check out this journal here:…

Want a Petalo?
Worry not! Common ones will be open to make soon when information and guides are fully completed! In the meantime give the group a watch
we'd love to have you <3

art/petalos (C) me
:PP: Symphony

Or Symph for short! My little petalo girl <33 She's pretty common all around but I really went all out with her colors
WHICH FOR ME IS HARD, it took me SO long to settle on a mix I liked and even then I'll bet she'll have some changes in the future!

If your interested in learning more about her species just check out the group above! It' a little sparce on info right now but I promise it's coming soon <3

art/petalos/symphony (C) me
(DashxQuibble) Blink Rough Concept
Still undecided on coloring! I'll likely replace the blue in her hair with something else and also her body color (though I like it) but ehhhh we will see

done with an iPad and my finger so please excuse the mess!
I'll be uploading a few more nextgen characters periodically and after maybe another one or two I will do more next gen art and stories!! Maybe even a YCH here or two since drawing ponies are a really fun subject to draw XD

IN OTHER NEWSSS I'm accepting requests of original pony characters and cannon mlp characters!! Just a few rules!
  • Not first come first serve, mainly deciding on If your character's design interests me at the time
  • Tag an MLP friend! Not mandatory but it'd be appreciated!
  • I won't be responding to the comments unless there are questions! You'll know if your character is chosen when I submit the gift art!! (kinda like a fun surprise gift<3 )
  • MLP Universe themed characters only please! (ponies, bat ponies, griffons, etc.)


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Main Account ---> :iconsilverpocky:

This account will only be used to upload/discuss/enjoy MLP art and such! If you are interested in other subjects I implore you to check out my regular work in the account above!


Pony Custom Design (On Line-art)
>Includes custom hair and accessories (if wanted)
> Please include a description of a theme or colors you'd want for the design, plus any other details you'd like to include!
Cutie Mark Creation
Having trouble coming up with a Cutie Mark for your OC or Next gen.? Worry not I can create one for you!

When ordering please include the following information:
- Character name
- Personality
- Job / Hobby / Interests
Bust / Badge: Flatcolor
Bust or head-shot of your MLP OC!
> If desired include simple symbol background or name-tag to make it a badge
> Any MLP species accepted (bat/unicorn/griff/etc.)
> Specific expressions can be drawn if desired
Fullbody: Flatcolor
Line and colored drawing of your MLP Oc!
> If desired include simple symbol background (like right example)
> Any MLP species accepted (bat/unicorn/griff/etc.)
> Specific poses can be drawn if desired


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